Thursday, May 1, 2014

Here goes nothing... no, it's something, kinda...

So where to begin, you'll soon recognize who the more experienced writer is of the two of us (ahem... not me).  Well, even though the last post says my name at the bottom - that was all Jo.
She's pretty awesome, her art, her personality, her listening and observing skills, her genuine-caring-great-all-around-kind-way of being, etc.  Just join in on one of her streams over on Ustream and you'll see that in about 0.09 seconds - if that.

Keep in mind Jo and I haven't even met in real life... yet..

Oh, and Hi! :)  My name is Suzanne (aka Concernedowl just about everywhere online - I am an Instagram addict, Twitter-lover, and Pinterest obsessed) - I live in north eastern Massachusetts and proud of it!

I am an artist.  There, yup, I said it.  It felt weird a few times I actually said that out loud, but I have come to terms with my affliction, erm, blessing.  Not schooled by anyone but Ustream, YouTube, blogs, books, and magazines.  I am also a CZT® (Certified Zentangle® Teacher) who needs to start teaching again.

Jo definitely said most of it best in her intro of the blog.
As if you couldn't tell, I didn't even really think about this post, at all.  I just wanted to put a little out there about me, which wasn't really much, but I'm sure I'll spill more in due time.

I'll leave you with a Zentangle tile I am almost done with.

In non-traditional Zentangle ways I purposely did make it look like a daisy because of who I am giving it to on Saturday.  And the star petal isn't really a tangle per se, I just really like stars and I believe the recipient does too (well, at least I'm sure she won't dislike them).  I either might add lettering or more petals, time will be the judge of that, I'm sure. I may be a little bit of a procrastinator, or a big bit of one, heh.

Signing off for now to probably putz around and not do things I really should be doing (hey at least I'm truthful, right?).


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