Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wandering back

A sheepish hello from Idaho! After many many moons having been AWOL, I've decided to re-open our online portal to arty eye-candy.  I've been blog-hopping a lot lately, looking for design inspiration and techniques for tatting projects, and I am beginning to understand that blogs have their place in the world.  One of the things holding me back is the thought that I'm just an amateur writer; who would want to read what I have to say???  I'm an amateur artist; who would want to see what I create???  In my blog-hopping lately, I've come to realize that it takes all skill levels, and we're all constantly learning something new, aren't we?  Another thing I have realized is that once we come to adore someone's style, we just can't get enough of it. (Ranza, you listening???)  Probably she is shoveling snow.  We are having the wettest winter here in the Rockies, while the East coast is just getting hammered with snow.  Having been skiing only once this winter, and that on icy crud, you could say I'm a bit jealous.  I'm seriously hoping to develop a blogging habit, and with that being said, I'd like to challenge my fellow blogger to post.  Anything.  Before the end of the month. Preferably with a picture :) 

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